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ELWAVE 7.6 release notes


Release date:  April 15, 2005
Platforms:       Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This release of ELWAVE 7.6 contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Scan for changes in Summary
    It is now possible to select 'Changed' in the EASI and Trend fields when editing scanning conditions. This makes it easier to deal with a large number of items in the Scan Inspector by allowing you to focus on only those securities where something has changed since the previous analysis.

  • Find relocated source data files
    If the original data file cannot be found when loading an .elw chart file you will be given the opportunity to select the correct data file in its new location if it has simply moved. The symbol of the new or moved file must be the same (only applies to certain data formats where a symbol is stored inside the data file, eg. MetaStock). When loading multiple .elw chart files (by multiple selection or through a 'Screen') whose data files have all moved to the same folder ELWAVE will automatically attempt to find the correct data file for the second and subsequent charts.

  • Fixed minor eSignal bug
    Fixed a bug in eSignal support, previously it was not possible to request a chart for the current day only.

  • Fixed very rare analysis bug
    Fixed 'Wavelevel==...' error which was sometimes displayed when analyzing very tiny amounts of data.

  • Changed behaviour when confronted with internal software inconsistencies
    'Assertion failed' errors are now logged and shown in RLogApp as a level 0 (critical) error and no longer cause ELWAVE to terminate unconditionally. Please note that such errors may be an indication of program stability and that you should save your work as soon as possible (mainly applies to manually constructed wave counts).

  • Improved Exit level calculation
    The way the Exit level is calculated has been improved to reduce false exit signals. This also has an impact on the risk and risk/reward values.

We no longer support Windows 95. Please do not try to install this version on Windows 95 systems.

How to upgrade

If you have a service contract, please send an email to Prognosis with your software's Serial Number to receive your free upgrade license key if you haven't received it already.

If you do not have a service contract, please use our order page to upgrade to version 7.5. You will receive a new license key by email after we have processed your order.

ELWAVE 7.6 can be downloaded from our protected download pages.